ArtMoi makes it simple to catalogue artwork.

Our mission is to empower artists and to make art more accessible to everyone. We provide artists with free cataloguing software to manage their business.

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Catalogue your art. Preserve your legacy.

ArtMoi Studio

Use ArtMoi Studio to catalogue and then share your entire body of work.

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The Catalogue of public art.

ArtMoi Public

Use ArtMoi Public to search for public art and street art near you.

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Are you an Art Collector?

We offer professional cataloguing services for documenting personal, corporate and institutional collections of art.

The Philosophies behind ArtMoi

The Importance of provenance tracking.
Why document the story of a piece of art?
Why we made ArtMoi’s technology future-proof.
Why we are creator-centric in our philosophy.
Why artists should document their work.
ArtMoi’s role in documenting public art and street art.
Why it’s important to document public art and street art.
What inspired Ryan Mayberry to create ArtMoi?

Help and Support

We understand technology and our job is to make your life easier. That’s why we’re here to help you.


Email us or visit our help desk if you have any problems or questions concerning our apps or our services.

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